Cultural Literacy Method Kit

The Oracle for Transfeminist Tech

Science x Design - Ideation Cards

Designer's Critical Alphabet

Tarot Cards of Tech

MAD Social Comparison Design Tool

UnBias Fairness Toolkit

Positive Computing Tools

Tiles IoT Toolkit

The Art of Game Design - Deck of Lenses

Tangible Interaction Framework Cards

StoryHow Card Deck

Sound Design in Games

Social Mania

Sketch Cards

The Security Cards

SCAVNGR's Game Mechanics Cards

Positive Emotional Granularity Cards

PLEX Cards

Mixed Reality Game Cards

Microsoft's Inclusive Design Toolkit

Mental Notes

mAgri Design Toolkit

Liberatory Design Cards


Kernel Cards - Content Strategy

IoT Service Kit

Intelligence Augmentation Design Toolkit

Inclusive Design Toolkit Ontario

Inclusive Design Toolkit